Overcoming Sexual Trauma With Hypnosis

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Quit My Addiction was solely developed to help the individual who is suffering from either a life-threatening or debilitating addiction. We focus on helping you get your life back in four major areas of your life! We want nothing more than for you to be: HAPPY, HEALTHY, SAFE and WHOLE!

People that have emotional troubles; including addictions, in adulthood wonder if the cause was from sexual trauma or abuse in their childhood that they have forgotten or repressed. In fact, quite a few wonder about the chance of sexual abuse having occurred in their life but just can’t seem to remember. It’s possible they have memories that are incomplete but still can make you feel uncomfortable; especially when recalled with a grown-up perspective.

Not being ready to clearly remember, especially when you find hints that something might have occurred, can be frustrating and folks can become rather distracted with speculating about what might or might not have transpired to them and asking themselves the question, “Was I sexually abused?” Hypnosis is a way to unlock those memories and settle the matter once and for all.

It is accurate to say that some individuals that have been sexually traumatized as children forget or dissociate from the experience, and do not recall their abuse in maturity. For others, troubling memories could happen on an ongoing basis, and disassociation and intrusive memories have been features of post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). It is also a fact that some people later recall memories of abuse.

However, recall of abuse can occur without the distinct therapeutic intervention. At times, individuals who spontaneously recover memories of sexual trauma can verify what happened to them; which can lead to a feeling of relief and self-understanding. Seeking verifying proof can likewise be impossible, fruitless, or can result in additional troubles with other family members.

Hypnosis is an altered state of consciousness in which memories can sometimes be more easily obtained. However, it is similar to a state of mind that is experiencing fantasy and imagination. It is virtually not possible to tell if the incident of childhood sex trauma is a memory of the real event, or just a suggested idea.

Many folks, both the clients and therapists genuinely believe that memory works like a movie camera; recording everything that happens to us. They also believe that forgotten or repressed memories can be unlocked by means of a technique such as hypnosis. In actuality, lots of hypnotherapists go farther and believe that men and women can recall earlier lives from hypnosis.

These beliefs are not supported by scientific evidence. The nature of memory as a process of reconstruction is currently very well established. Your mind is not like a movie camera; it is a lot more like a scrapbook, whereby memories have been created by combining pieces of sensory experience with interpretation, along with the dream.

During sexual trauma hypnosis, individuals are especially receptive to suggestion. In fact, this is actually the basis of how hypnosis works. A hypnotherapist who believes in the video recorder model of memory, particularly should they think their client has been abused; may inadvertently imply memories of abuse to someone under hypnosis, that can seem like true memories to the client.

This is not saying that anyone who recalls childhood abuse in adulthood is imagining it, regardless of whether or not the recall occurs during hypnosis. Neither is this to state that hypnotherapists deliberately feed their client’s false memories of abuse. What it can state is that hypnosis is not a method of determining whether or not you had been abused in childhood in case you do not currently remember today.

Despite the unsuitability of hypnosis for personal detective work; hypnotherapy is very successful in helping individuals who have been sexually traumatized or abused to successfully overcome their outward symptoms of post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). Hypnotherapy is particularly useful in helping survivors to restructure their actual memories of abuse to both give them a much greater sense of control, and in addressing painful feelings like self-blame. Hypnosis is powerful when focused on creating positive affects into thoughts, feelings, and behaviors for the future.

One out of 3 girls and at least one out of seven boys are sexually abused/traumatized from the time that they reach the age of 18. This means that counselors or hypnotherapists are most likely already working with sexual trauma survivors who may or may not remember their abuse. Quit My Addiction offers the client a set of exclusive approaches that complement traditional therapies that will help you to better survivor and integrate your experiences and alter the violent patterns in your lifetime.

Our sexual trauma hypnotherapy allows you to shift traumatic incidents from the past to a dramatic rescue mission. The trauma informed approach we utilize is vitally important to educate the survivor regarding their rights so the inner child is able to become liberated from past/current sexual trauma. Survivors are often convinced that they should have done something quite awful to bring the abuse upon them. Immediately after a session with Quit My Addiction; our client’s adult self sees the absurdity of holding their inner child responsible for the crime of molestation and/or rape and can then employ this insight to their childhood situation. The core of our process is to link the grownup with their inner child in order to give the child a new sense of security and allowing the client to re-raise their inner child.

Most folks learn to dissociate from, or numb their bodies in order to not feel what is being done to them. They could actually leave their own bodies and view the scene from a great distance away. Learning how to accomplish this is extremely tough for most survivors. Many that suffer from sexual trauma will inflict physical pain upon themselves.

Using our proprietary sexual trauma hypnotherapy methods; the Quit My Addiction Hypnotherapist has the proper equipment to help the survivor not only accept their painful past but transform their memories into important healing resources. Acceptance takes time. It might be essential for you to also work with a sexual abuse counselor if you are not ready to fully heal and move on.

If you are a survivor of sexual trauma and are open to hypnotherapy; we have the essential skills to break through the new and old programming that is holding you back. With acceptance of the effective sex trauma abuse hypnotherapy, your world has to shift for the better. How could you still believe in a false program that no longer serves you?

It is especially essential that the survivor is given the opportunity to share their rage at the perpetrator if desired. However, It is not necessary to share your anger in person and actually confront the abuser or the enabler. We help you do this during your hypnotherapy session so as to provide a safe place to remove the ill feelings that are still haunting you.

Confrontation can be physically risky, or hard to deal with; but the Quit My Addiction process empowers the client to share the anger in a totally safe and sound environment and therefore get the emotional energy effectively out. Thus empowerment the client without endangering them at any time. If you are ready to overcome your sexual trauma through hypnosis; give Quit My Addiction a call today!

It is extremely important to find the spiritual portion of yourself in healing. Most survivors feel horribly alienated and finding one’s spirituality as a result of our hypnotherapy for sexual trauma or abuse can be considered a crucial instrument in helping the survivor connect with their inner child. This is why we provide the most thorough sex abuse hypnotherapy available! Hypnotherapy is tremendously helpful in the treatment of PTSD because it goes directly into the root of the symptoms.

Below is an overview of how hypnotherapy helps treat sexual trauma:

  • A client experiences a traumatic event or some prolonged set of traumatic events, and the trauma affects their perceptual experience of the world around them. Trauma imprints upon the brain and body in such a way that the client continues to survive as though the trauma is happening to them today.
  • Hypnotherapy for sexual trauma cannot eliminate traumatic events; but it can directly address the events as well as their feelings and reactions associated with it. Sex abuse hypnotherapy for PTSD allows clients to obtain information and false narratives (programs) that is saved deep in their bodies, their subconscious mind, and their energetic areas. The genuine traumatic event you experienced can be closely examined. The wide array of emotion surrounding it can be claimed, processed and also expressed. The negative conclusions or beliefs (that have often directly contributed to life-long behavioral patterns) can be discharged and transformed.
  • As mentioned above, trauma impacts the brain and human anatomy. Nightmares, flashbacks, distressing memories, and reactivity to cues or reminders of the event would be the absolute most common approach in which trauma interrupts your lifestyle. A lot of clients experiencing intrusive signs and symptoms often feel a complete lack of control over their minds and bodies; the trauma has hijacked their awareness of agency and free will.
  • In a hypnotherapy session, you are given tools, resources, and opportunities to simply take back a sense of control. Quit My Addiction employs a number of techniques to help clients make direct contact with all of your pieces that are strong, wise, and courageous. In doing this, and providing a bodily anchor to reprogram the faulty narrative via mind-body connection; clients gradually remember and recover. They are reminded of their own strengths and virtues, which is incredibly healing.
  • Another useful component of hypnotherapy is teaching the client ways they can modulate their physiological reactivity. This is often done as the client is in a trance; but a sexual trauma abuse hypnotherapist can teach you how to regulate your physical indicators while in a session.
  • A victim of trauma will do what is needed in order to avoid a recurrence of the feelings associated with their trauma. Several avoidance indicators can result from conscious alternative (avoiding individuals or places), but clients additionally avert by way of dissociation, substance abuse, or addictive behaviors. The latter are far less conscious but not as significant as healing from the sexual trauma. The objective of avoidance is to attempt to distance oneself from their trauma. However, when trauma is rooted in the brain and human body; what results is really just a fragmented awareness of self.
  • One of the goals of hypnosis for sex abuse is restoration of the self; for both the body, emotional, mental and spiritual parts of the client to be more happy, healthy, safe and whole. Sexual trauma hypnotherapy gives a voice to some lost parts of the self; the areas that have been concealed away or shrouded in negativity as a means to endure.
  • Trauma informed sex abuse hypnosis can be properly used to help the client process all manner of traumatic memory. When this work is done, it alters the way the memory is kept; and how it functions in your own body and mind. Clients are no longer held hostage to their past.
  • Trauma affects us and alters our personality, feelings, memory, motivation, cognitive functions and perception. Sexual trauma changes relationships, people and systems. During a traumatic event, not only are sensory perceptions changed; some former sense of safety is now forever changed. However, a casualty of trauma displays notable shifts in the conclusions drawn. You form new and negative conclusions on their own. They additionally form negative conclusions about other men and women, and the entire planet in general.
  • Hypnotherapy for sexual trauma opens a gateway to the subconscious mind. With one of our highly trained hypnotherapists; clients can get the events surrounding their trauma released through a careful and modulated process. While in a trance, you will definitely experience the moment in which your negative programs are finally released once and for all. Quit My Addiction clients begin to shift their distorted beliefs, in order to fully recover.
  • Recovery is another valuable component in the treatment of PTSD. Too often, parts of ourselves are either missing or forsaken when a sexually traumatic event does occur; often like a style of protecting that part of ourselves. Reclaim and to regain parts of the soul is of immeasurable benefit to sex trauma survivors.
  • A history of sexual trauma abuse, especially when it goes untreated, results in marked behavioral and functional alterations. Sexual trauma that is stuck in the body will inevitably work its way out. This can manifest in chronic shock, somatic or physical illness, or indications such as hyper-vigilance, exaggerated startle, or problems sleeping or concentrating. Reckless or high-risk behavior can be another manner that stimulation succeeds in behavior.

A big component of healing sexual trauma is giving clients the ability to complete the action that they were not in a position to do when their trauma originally occurred. Trauma is suspended in the body; the paralysis and inability to take action that results from your freezing response. It is useful to look at stimulating signs and indicators as the body trying to get our attention.

Alternatively, stimulating symptoms are a reflection of the trauma response (fight or flight). The healing of sexual trauma through hypnosis cannot be complete without allowing the body to feel safe. This is why we help you to relax and feel and know you are safe first. To usher your emotions and thoughts into conscious recognition, process them, and to eventually discharge them.

In a sexual abuse hypnotherapy session; we encourage our clients to relax their bodies. Furthermore, we provide you with an experience; whereas you can reach out to the perpetrator and shout out loud and say or do whatever you feel like you need to do in order to defend yourself. Give us a call today if you are ready to overcome your sexual abuse trauma through hypnotherapy.

Quit My Addiction is extremely passionate in helping survivors overcome their sexual trauma through hypnosis. Sexual trauma has turned into a stand-alone concern and been grouped into other problems that actually go hand in hand with sexual abuse. Take for instance; non-self confidence, relationship issues, smoking and anger management. The majority of sex abuse survivors have  dealt with all the aftereffects associated from missing their innocence since childhood at the hands of their father, uncles, cousins, or trusted family members or friends.

Our trauma informed hypnotherapists help sexual abuse survivors overcome their abuse. Without help you may keep it concealed your entire lifetime! We help you reprogram a new and healthier narrative to get you the life you have always dreamed of! Give Quit My Addiction a call today!

In case you were sexually abused or traumatized; we offer you the ability to once again be happy, healthy, safe and whole! It is important you are not just someone who survived childhood sexual abuse but rather you are someone who overcame and conquered it! Although this is debilitating and painful work; you will rapidly heal and the rewards are life-changing!

Our sexually traumatized based hypnosis directs you to connect with your subconscious mind which shields all of your memories. It’s the logical and/or analytical mind hides your faulty programs you picked up as a child. By working with the feelings you’re struggling with now, such as shame, helplessness, feeling trapped, anger, frustration, and despair; we can use those feelings as a guidance tool to help you overcome your past. Sometimes, you may come up with resistance once you can recollect who your perpetrator is, and ask yourself how this could be true. Surely your father or uncle or brother would ever dream of hurting you; especially since they love you and are your immediate family.

It is your inner child who was helpless to stop the sexual trauma abuse. Because the subconscious mind is not stuck in the here and now; it considers your consciousness as not real. It will take you to all those memories it recalls and offers them to you for absolute healing. This is the first step of building self confidence and trust.

There is absolutely no judgment in publicly displaying your feelings. We encourage the snot, tears and angry shouting alike. Think of it as giving yourself a strong and solid voice. A voice that was stifled as a child. Your inner child gets to finally feel and say what needs to be felt and expressed.

Quit My Addiction will help you build a connection with your inner child to ensure you are able to become free once and for all! We will help you learn that it was never your fault; that your betrayal from the abuser is a personal issue for them to figure out! Children are often convinced they must have done something really poor to bring the abuse on.

You have to become your inner child’s full-time ally and advocate. You cannot connect with your inner child at first because to achieve this, is to admit it actually did happen; and you have to relive it all over again. However, the inner child would love nothing more than to be both heard and comforted! The fundamental issue at stake here, is bond-creation between you and your inner child to receive a renewed feeling of security. Perhaps, an awareness of security they have never experienced their entire life.

We create a secure place for you to be able to overcome your sexual trauma through hypnosis. Quit My Addiction is confident you might be cringing at the thought of feeling and showing your sadness, anger, frustration, and helplessness. However, this is imperative to your full recovery and healing. Buried feelings never die. You may numb them out but they’re nevertheless there; showing up in your everyday life, seemingly unconnected to the past. Releasing trapped emotions can give you relief and the capacity to get full clarity. All feelings are somewhat short lived unless they truly are addressed.

Accessing your deepest feelings are sometimes like pulling teeth. This is why we implement a  technique into your sexual trauma hypnotherapy which involves working with the subconscious part of your mind that reflects the abused inner child. It is the part that has been formed whose job is to protect your inner child from further hurt. It may function as the part that has wreaked havoc in your relationships, that disallows you to stop smoking, lose excess weight, or from letting anyone in too close into your life.

An important part of your sex abuse hypnosis is to begin addressing what you learn about how your memory works. Until about 25-30 years ago, many scientists thought our brains retained a perfect listing of what happens to us. Furthermore, when we recall something; it is not as easy like pulling a document out of the filing cabinet. Instead, memory appears to be a reconstructive process; we take pieces of remembered information and recreate what happened in our minds. For all these reasons, our memories of the particular event may change over time.

If you’re struggling with the consequences of being sexually abused as a child, then hypnotherapy is the answer. Quit My Addiction is genuinely sorry you had to endure any type of sexual trauma. There is nothing worse than having to live with your suffering on a daily basis. Find lasting relief and peace to your soul once and for all by calling us today!

Survivors of sexual abuse will commonly share how they separated themselves from their bodies due to extremely unpleasant things that happened to them. These experiences of dissociating your mind from the body is a form of dissociation and helps people to guard themselves from the existent trauma. Hypnosis is a state of mind (trance) which we all attain on a regular basis. The heftier trances are similar to those times when we know we’re falling asleep but haven’t really crossed that line. Lighter trances are similar to that of day-dreaming.

Survivors of sexual abuse trauma will commonly stumble upon the strategy of using a day dream type trance on their own. It protected them during the abuse, but can now be used to let go of the past altogether. Folks who endured these experiences find themselves somewhat different from their bodies and emotions years or decades later. Many victims imagine, at a profound level, that their bodies betrayed them and are not to be trusted. This might say itself in health anxiety, revulsion at physiological processes, eating disorders, or the like.

Many survivors share how they dislike their bodies. Alcohol and other substances have been enlisted to help with controlling these type of feelings. A history of self harm has evolved for the same purpose. In most cases the abuse may have stopped but the dissociation continues for years. The defense mechanism of dissociation in many ways becomes the issue.

Hypnotherapy for sexual trauma can help survivors suffering from sexual trauma access their unconscious mind to diminish their dissociation issues. Hypnosis for sex abuse can help you to re-associate with emotions in a safe and controlled way. Trauma informed hypnotherapy can help you to overcome rage, stress, depression or your rigorous control issues once and for all.

Hypnotherapy for sexual trauma can help you find new ways of dealing with your PTSD. When you have learned to protect your inner child for those things he or she suffered back then; your emotions will begin to properly regulate. You will find new methods of dealing with emotions on an immediate basis so that you’ll no longer have to repress them and suffer the consequences of exploding into rage, tears, or anxiety ridden panic attacks.

Quit My Addiction will help you to find yourself in a tender, respectful, and careful method. Through the healing power of sexual trauma hypnosis, we can help you gain the proper skills to let go of your defense mechanisms which you no longer desire. Give our experienced, well-trained, and empathic hypnotherapists a call! Today is the day, should you allow it to finally break free from your past.

However you choose to get in touch, we would love to converse with you. Don’t wait too long to find help. Hypnotherapy for sexual trauma can help you achieve a life full of joy and peace. You will finally be happy, healthy, safe and whole! Pick up your phone or schedule your session now!

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Ben Jones is absolutely amazing at what he does for his clients. They are not just clients to him, they are his brothers and sisters and he loves them unconditionally without judgement or shame. He will love you until you completely believe that you are worthy of love and forgiveness yourself. I can not put into words how grateful I am to have met Ben when I did. I love the woman of worth I am today, and I know that I am worthy of love because my brother Ben taught me that. Thank you Ben for loving me!

Gina D.
I never thought I would ever go to a hypnotherapist, but having done the session I now know that is what I’ve needed all along. Having been in and out of jails and institutions for the past 10 years I have never learned as much as I have at Quit My Addiction. The beauty of Benjamin Jones’ methods is he takes the time to get to know his clients to the point he knows what will and won’t work for each one! He is truly dedicated to his clients and wants the best life possible for us. I would recommend Quit My Addiction to any addict that truly wants a better life. Quit My Addiction gives you all the support and tools that are needed to be happy.
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Benjamin Jones has proven himself to be a very caring and understanding individual. His knowledge of addiction stems from, not only a substantial education but also, seeing first hand what addiction can to do people and their families. His overall approach to helping people is something to admire. Through Quit My Addiction you can do more than just recover from drugs; you can recover from the things that caused an addiction in the first place. By addressing the physical, mental, spiritual, social and emotional aspects of your life you can truly change into the person you want to be. I highly recommend Quit My Addiction to anyone that is struggling with drug/alcohol addiction and truly wants to make a change in their life~ for the better.

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I have known Benjamin Jones, the clinical program director, for over 15 years now, and I can’t think of a more caring and dedicated individual. His life experiences and clinical/academic training have placed him at the forefront of addiction recovery. There is no other place that I would send my loved ones than to Quit My Addiction.
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