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Quit My Addiction was solely developed to help the individual who is suffering from either a life-threatening or debilitating addiction. We focus on helping you get your life back in four major areas of your life! We want nothing more than for you to be: HAPPY, HEALTHY, SAFE and WHOLE!

It really is great to be aware that you can readily overcome fear and other phobias/addictions with hypnosis; because these anxieties are all extremely common. More than 10% of individuals will experience a phobia/addiction at some time in their lives. From elevators, spiders and insects, to heights, dentists and large crowds; there is nothing we can’t develop stress or phobias about.

Hypnosis to overcome fear provides an extremely helpful treatment for these issues because it provides the opposite of anxiety as well as a lasting peaceful relaxation. At the same time, it teaches the subconscious mind an alternative manner of responding to the feared object or situation. Hypnosis for phobias/addictions works by detaching the stimulus from the emotional response and reprogramming the brain with a new, more realistic uploaded response.

Trying to overcome fear just by getting people to think otherwise without first dealing with all the feelings involved, is similar to trying to deal with earthquake damage by stepping over the newly created cracks. That’s why hypnosis to overcome fear can be quite so helpful in treating stress and other phobia/addict conditions. Learning how to control the imagination, which is linked tightly to your emotions, is what therapeutic hypnosis to overcome fear is all about.

The best hypnotherapy to overcome fear should enable you to master the option of not buying into fearful thoughts or automatic post-hypnotic pre-programmed reactions. The clinical use of hypnosis to overcome fear is all about constructive use of your imagination, as opposed to the destructive role of feeding in to your phobia/addiction. While experiencing your phobia/addiction, you are in a kind of trance state in which you are totally focused on that phobia to the point where you might not notice what else is happening within your immediate environment.

When trying to overcome fear, we are focused only on that particular phobia/addiction. In some cases, you are literally paralyzed unable to properly function. For a while, it’s as if you can’t hear or see anything that’s not connected to your phobia/addiction. During that experience you become so suggestible that unconsciously you upload a faulty programing in attempt to cope with current symptoms. Once a faulty maladaptive coping pattern has been established, you can automatically and subconsciously go out of your way to avoid anything that stimulates or triggers your phobia(s)/addiction(s).

This post-hypnotic trigger facet happens in men and women with all kinds of phobias/addictions; which is evident signs that fear and anxiety are usually not thought disorders. Fear precedes thought because it has to: it is our first line of protection for survival. This is why it is important to use hypnosis to overcome fear to treat maladaptive or pathological trance states. If we can tap into the component of the subconscious mind that maintains our phobia; we can update our responses economically and quickly. This is exactly what hypnotherapy at Quit My Addiction does.

We can use carefully applied hypnosis to overcome fear to ease the memory of your past phobic/addict memories until you no longer have anxious feelings surrounding your current phobia(s)/addiction(s). Becoming happy, healthy, safe and whole is a great motivator. The trouble is, if we do not know how to properly heal; our phobia/addiction can keep us from things that would actually be great for our ongoing learning.

In case you seem to find yourself always avoiding certain situations; this is because your instincts will infer that the situation is a constant threat and you will therefore indefinitely continue to reinforce your phobia(s). Your maladaptive coping instincts program you to believe that normal interactions within your everyday phobias are life threatening. You are reinforcing that impression from how you behave and what you imagine when you think about such events.

In the event you make yourself repeatedly and peacefully do something that actually is life threatening, your maladaptive instinct will gradually diminish until it completely switches off throughout the entire task. You are now able to realize that the situation is no longer life-threatening. You willingly conduct something serious, your phobia/addiction will eventually diminish.

Up until now we have been talking about how to overcome fear as though it is merely only an emotional response. But as anyone who is also experiencing your same symptoms will know; it is far more complicating than that. In fact, experiencing your phobia/addiction is also a full body reaction. Every single system in your body is affected. Trying to overcome fear narrows your attention mentally, but nonetheless, it also rapidly alters physical processes in your body. One of the primary things to target when your fight or flight response goes into effect; is to pay special attention to your bodily reactions because you are able to also work this built-in condition in reverse.

Your phobia/addiction takes the lead from what your body is doing. Conversely, there is absolutely no need to be more fearful. When facing your phobia/addiction your fear starts to dissipate, and this stimulates a domino effect where by all the other indicators of fear diminish also. This includes in both your mind and body.

Deliberately breathing because you can when you are peaceful gives your stressed system the exact message that it needs to avoid feeling fearful. However, there exists a much more superior method of reducing fear levels without having to force yourself into a triggering situation. In the event you feel anxious when you think about an upcoming situation; if you recognize it or not, you are effortlessly misusing self-hypnosis and building an unhelpful programmed association.

What if instead, you used self-hypnosis to overcome fear to build a helpful reprogramming? Rather than exposing yourself to your feared situation in real life; imagine yourself feeling calm in that situation. It’s comfortable, rapid and it trains your maladaptive instincts to automatically respond to the situation with calmness in future. The best way to do this is through your imagination during the hypnotic trance. Your instincts are shaped not only by your actions but in addition by your imagination and also the manner in which you feel when you imagine something.

When you imagine a future event, you might be using self-hypnosis if you intended to or not. Your imagination gets in on the act and your emotions can start to amplify to become unhinged from the truth. The emotions you feel whilst imagining the situation become glued into the situation itself. Through repetition, that glue transforms into superglue. At the point it can be extremely hard to reprogram such a download. Especially if you are unaware of the programming in the first place.

In your fear state, any input from your imagination is taken as real evidence. You imagine whatever your imagination conjures. The strongest way to use your imagination is through hypnosis to overcome fear, and that’s why we can help people heal by being hypnotized. Give Quit My Addiction a call today to overcome fear through hypnosis!

Because your phobia/addiction is a hypnotic trance state (your focus is greatly narrowed), it is likewise a learning state. The subconscious mind can figure out how to generate a post-hypnotic response for any triggers that slightly remind one of the original fearful situation. Should you be suffering from phobia/addiction, give us a call today to find lasting peace and relief.

Hypnotherapy to overcome fear is somewhat considered controversial, as most medical professionals dispute its efficacy and many clients are reluctant to try it. Regardless of whether or not to try out hypnotherapy to overcome fear, is a personal decision that can be easily made upon consulting with one of our licensed hypnotherapists. It is extremely important to understand the details of hypnosis to overcome fear to make an informed decision.

Hypnotherapy to overcome fear is not stage hypnosis. Stage hypnotists are performers who are great at reading men and women. They seek extroverts that will put on a great show for that audience. Regardless of whether or not their subjects are hypnotized is debatable; but they’re willing to go along with the sometimes outrageous suggestions of the stage hypnotist.

Hypnotherapy to overcome fear, in contrast; utilizes the heightened awareness of the hypnotic state that will help you research your phobia/chewing tobacco addiction more profoundly. You will be guided from our hypnotherapist to visualize yourself in a state of peacefulness and relaxation, while simultaneously confronting the object of your fears. During hypnotherapy to overcome fear, you remain in control. It is not possible to be forced to do anything against your will; even while under hypnosis. You will be focused on the work at hand, and therefore cannot pay as close attention to your immediate surroundings. You will always be in charge of your own personal actions, behaviors, and statements.

Hypnotherapy to overcome fear is not the same as being knocked out unconscious or like being put under anesthesia. You will remember the things that occur during your hypnotic state. You will not be annoyed or unconscious and you will be able to break the hypnotic trance at any time you feel unsafe or no longer wanting to continue your session. The majority of the time, you are distracted from your surroundings.

In contrast to standard therapy, your conscious mind is constantly cluttered. You may be worried about paying a bill, concerned about an upcoming job or planning tonight’s dinner. This can happen even during a therapy session, all these concerns have a tendency to distract us from focusing on our problems at-hand.

In the hypnotic state, you will be deeply relaxed. Your conscious mind is quieted, thus allowing your subconscious mind to intensely focus on your issue (in this circumstance, your phobia/addiction). You are calmer and therefore a lot more responsive to facing your phobia/addiction. Our hypnotherapists utilize a series of calming messages; for example, you might be protected and no one can hurt you to reassure you that during hypnosis you can face your phobia(s)/addiction(s) without having an anxious feeling.

The hypnotherapists at Quit My Addiction will make mild suggestions for behavior improvements that can help you conquer your phobia/addiction. For instance, you might be taught to see yourself as a reassuring advisor during your phobic/addict reactions; thus learning how to rely on yourself and your potential to get through the situation. You may be educated certain cognitive-behavioral coping skills as well You may be encouraged to talk about the first time you experienced the phobia/addiction and how you felt in that moment.

Word of mouth referral or reading our testimonials is always a great way to see if Quit My Addiction is a good fit for your personal needs to overcome fear through hypnosis. In the event you know someone who has undergone hypnotherapy elsewhere, inquire about his or her experiences and compare them to our amazing results. Keep in mind that one of our hypnotherapists might be perfect for one person; but may not be perfect for you. It is therefore important for you to take the time to talk to many of our therapists until you feel like you found the right fit.

Our hypnotherapists do not cure your phobia/addiction; rather we transform your perception and view of the phobia/addiction. We help you understand that it is not okay to be scared or fearful anymore. We will help your day-to-day life become much more manageable. In fact, our main goal is to help you overcome fear by becoming happy, healthy, safe and whole!

Are you wondering how hypnotherapy to overcome fear works? To explain it in simple terms, our hypnotherapists will use suggestions to bring about subconscious change to your faith, feelings, and behavior. To help you lead happier and more fulfilling lives. Our hypnotherapists use proficient relaxation methods, which allows the conscious portion of your mind to relax; and at the same time stimulating the subconscious part to a heightened state of understanding. This then allows our hypnotherapist to make appropriate suggestions to you which will help you to function and feel better about yourself. Hypnotherapy to overcome fear will absolutely work if you are open to allowing it to work.

However there are some folks who will not allow themselves to be hypnotized to overcome fear. It is important prior to scheduling your session with us that you are honest, open-minded and willing to do whatever it takes to overcome fear! Ironically, many people do experience some level of hypnosis. For example, when reading a book or watching TV, you can be completely enthralled in reading or watching that you never know what is going on around you. Or in the event that you happen to be driving your vehicle and you go from one destination to another and do not remember much of the travel. These are all forms of hypnosis albeit awake. You don’t have to have your eyes closed to go into a hypnosis trance.

One past client of ours was willing to share their experience with us. Their goal was to overcome fear once and for all. They had discovered that hypnotherapy could be used to overcome fear; and through a thorough online search, they found Quit My Addiction had the competence and ability to help. It only took one session to help them overcome fear with no relapses or complications. They reported 100% satisfaction months later and would highly recommend us to anyone else looking for a way to overcome fear as well.

Hypnosis to overcome fear might be used as a way to avoid experiencing triggers before you begin to feel anxious. In this manner the sequence of reactions can be learned. This will aid in pinpointing those situations that evoke stress as well as the internal dialogue and imagery that elicit problematic responses. Age regression to times prior to the development of the phobia/addiction, when the patient was coping efficiently, provide a resource state that can be anchored into consciousness in times of elevated stress.

Age regression in hypnotherapy to overcome fear provides use of identifying causative conflicts or experiences that are beyond conscious awareness. When traumatic events are seen to be associated with phobic/addict reactions; it might be profitable to facilitate the age regression and abreact the feelings associated with the experience. Hypnosis to overcome fear has proven effective in the management of preoperative and postoperative nervousness, including situations while in a crisis phase.

It is interesting to note that phobic/addictive clients have been shown to become much more hypnotizable than others. The essence of the phobic/addictive experience is not similar to that of the event of hypnosis; and the phobic/addict experience might be a spontaneously occurring panic-filled trance like or dissociative experience. Hypnotherapy to overcome fear assists the client to find out far more about their dissociative capacity and to master how to control it.

Quit My Addiction has discovered that understanding the source of the phobia/addiction can really help clients overcome it. Sometimes phobias/addictions are deeply rooted; but with attention and determination it is likely to reverse your impact, and best of all, stay phobia/addiction free!

A phobia/addiction is a debilitating condition that can make daily life very difficult. The phobia/addiction is always an intense ordeal. If you have an irrational phobia, or an addiction that impacts your daily life, it is time you pick up your phone and give Quit My Addiction a call to become Happy, Healthy, Safe and Whole!

The majority of people have a phobia or intense addiction of some kind. As humans we instinctively fear anything that will hurt us, so in no way feel ashamed about this! Many phobias/addictions are a discovered pattern of behavior. This means that somewhere in the past you had been taught to fear something. You may have experienced the fear yourself, or you may have seen someone else’s panic? A frightening situation that may influence your feelings. The most wonderful thing about learned behaviors is that you can retrain your brain to upload a new and healthier program.

When suffering from a phobia or addiction; it can be very useful to spot the seeding event. A seeding event is your main cause of any phobia or addiction. When this seeding event manifests at a later time as a result of a specific trigger; this is known as being a secondary event. The reason that the negative event in your past can make you panic years later is that your brain stores the memory of this event, as well as fearful emotions connected to it. It is important to remember that when we store memories; we also keep connected emotions. Sometimes folks have panic attacks and do not understand what causes them.

With most phobias/addictions, hypnotherapy to overcome fear works effectively by getting to the root cause and making changes at a subconscious level. By using our hypnosis to overcome fear; Quit My Addiction can help you regain your life once again. Give us a call if you are ready to make that change.

If you are still unsure if hypnosis to overcome fear would really work for you; use this self-hypnosis technique:

Go to your room where there are no distractions

Sit or lie down

Close your eyes and concentrate on your breathing

Breathe in peace and relaxation into your body for 5 slow seconds with each gradual inhale

Hold your breath for 5 slow seconds

Breathe any tension in your body out for 5 slow seconds with each gradual exhale

Continue this breathing pattern until your mind becomes extremely calm and quiet

When you feel relaxed enough, imagine you are at the movies watching a time in your past when the seeding incident happened

You can plainly see the sequence of events at the root of your phobia/addiction

You may feel anxious watching this event; so just simply reassure yourself that you will be viewing it from a secure place

Allow your mind to guide you and feel in control

Ensure that you feel protected and safe as you watch the movie

While running through the images of your seeding event, breathe extremely slowly and deeply

With each slow exhale, breathe away negative feelings

If you feel anger at this point, that is fine; affirm in your mind that you will be releasing your pain

Take all the time you need to do this and keep breathing slowly and intensely

As you watch, feel comfortable, secure, and in control

If nothing comes to you straight away or you cannot visualize the seeding event, remember the first time you sensed the pain and how it made you feel, then breathe that feeling off

While watching yourself on the screen at the time your phobia/addiction started, you will start to understand the reason for it; but will also begin to let it flow

Imagine yourself releasing the source of your pain by crumpling the images into a ball and throwing them away

When you feel that the pain has disappeared, imagine the movie of yourself on the screen turning into a black and white flick

Watch the images gradually fade, becoming more pale and eventually turning blank

You now are currently feeling extremely detached from the pain; like it is no longer part of you; it’s now just a fading memory

Once you have done that, slowly count yourself up to 10 and then open your eyes

While you are doing this, it is necessary to affirm that each portion of you is back in the present, whereas the underlying difficulty that was causing your phobia/addiction has gone forever and is no any longer a part of you

Repeat this exercise anytime you feel like you need to overcome fear in your life

For the majority of individuals, releasing a phobia/addictive pattern of behavior via self-hypnosis to overcome fear will be a positive experience. When our clients have negative or strong emotional reactions to hypnosis; it is often an indication that they are releasing blocked emotions. So in the event that you cry during or after using this technique; you shouldn’t be alarmed as it is usually a sign that things have shifted, opening the way to overcome the phobia/addiction.

When you think of hypnosis to overcome fear, there’s a high probability one or all of the following thoughts flood your mind. Let’s just get this out of this manner, shall we? Hypnosis is not mind control, and it is not a tool used to make you perform or say things against your will. Hypnosis is a profound state of relaxation with the acute focus. You’ll find just two components of your mind. The conscious mind and subconscious mind. Hypnosis works with the subconscious mind exclusively.

If you have a phobia or addiction; then the association (seeding event) is stored in the subconscious mind. The subconscious mind doesn’t have any logic reasoning or willpower; it is strictly responsive. If these programs are downloaded, then a new behavior can be enacted throughout your lifetime.

Hypnotherapy to overcome fear sometimes delves into your past, but is really about the now. Hypnosis can be an excellent adjunct to help you get beyond certain blockades. Most of our hypnotherapists are either licensed, certified and/or highly trained. Depending on the severity of your situation, or the amount of tenacity you have in healing will directly correlate with the necessity to resolve certain issues with a master level therapist aside from your hypnosis session to overcome fear. Hypnosis can be used to treat so many fears and anxieties. Everything from depression and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) to sleep disorders and even addiction to cigarettes and other vices.

The hypnotherapists at Quit My Addiction will dedicate their time in simply talking to you and getting to a firm understanding of your pain(s) prior to conducting your private hypnotherapy session to overcome fear. Hypnosis to overcome fear is a natural state that everyone is capable of achieving. However, when your do not wish to get hypnotized, you simply cannot be. You are in control at all times and we will never conduct anything that you are not comfortable doing.In the case of you ever not wanting to go any further, all you have to do is simply just open up your eyes and say you are done.

The feeling of being hypnotized is similar to crossing into a dream like trance but you are not asleep. It is the best meditation you could ever imagine. In most cases, your entire body either feels total weightlessness or an extreme calming downward pressure; all the meanwhile experiencing perfect relaxation.

It can take years of traditional therapy to help with a phobia or an addiction; unlike the rapid transformational results you can expect to get from our hypnotherapy. You should not expect miracles from hypnosis to overcome fear overnight. It will take close to a month of daily listening to your personalized recording to reinforce your subconscious programming. Also, keep in mind that most insurance companies will not cover the cost of hypnotherapy.

If you are ready to take the next steps in becoming HAPPY, HEALTHY, SAFE and WHOLE…then give Quit My Addiction a call to start your hypnosis to overcome fear today!

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Ben Jones is absolutely amazing at what he does for his clients. They are not just clients to him, they are his brothers and sisters and he loves them unconditionally without judgement or shame. He will love you until you completely believe that you are worthy of love and forgiveness yourself. I can not put into words how grateful I am to have met Ben when I did. I love the woman of worth I am today, and I know that I am worthy of love because my brother Ben taught me that. Thank you Ben for loving me!

Gina D.
I never thought I would ever go to a hypnotherapist, but having done the session I now know that is what I’ve needed all along. Having been in and out of jails and institutions for the past 10 years I have never learned as much as I have at Quit My Addiction. The beauty of Benjamin Jones’ methods is he takes the time to get to know his clients to the point he knows what will and won’t work for each one! He is truly dedicated to his clients and wants the best life possible for us. I would recommend Quit My Addiction to any addict that truly wants a better life. Quit My Addiction gives you all the support and tools that are needed to be happy.
Kolby B.

Benjamin Jones has proven himself to be a very caring and understanding individual. His knowledge of addiction stems from, not only a substantial education but also, seeing first hand what addiction can to do people and their families. His overall approach to helping people is something to admire. Through Quit My Addiction you can do more than just recover from drugs; you can recover from the things that caused an addiction in the first place. By addressing the physical, mental, spiritual, social and emotional aspects of your life you can truly change into the person you want to be. I highly recommend Quit My Addiction to anyone that is struggling with drug/alcohol addiction and truly wants to make a change in their life~ for the better.

Cori B.
I have known Benjamin Jones, the clinical program director, for over 15 years now, and I can’t think of a more caring and dedicated individual. His life experiences and clinical/academic training have placed him at the forefront of addiction recovery. There is no other place that I would send my loved ones than to Quit My Addiction.
Rob B.