How Your Brain Works

The information you are about to read below will definitely change your perceptions on thought and how the mind works. We hope after reading it; you are able to more fully understand how the brain works and why you will need to address your subconscious if you want any hope of truly recovering and healing from your addiction! Please feel free to give us a call to learn more or to schedule your session at any time.

The conscious mind is a creative mind, while the subconscious mind is a programmed and habit mind. Our life has been programmed from the beginning and controls our life. Not only our life, but also our vitality and how we behave in the world.

To best understand this in simple terms; think about a desktop computer. Once you turn it on; the built in operating system prepares it to function according to its programming. However, if there are no programs written in its code; then the computer can’t really do anything at all!

Now let’s compare the computer to that of a child. When the brain develops; it has an operating system, but there are no programs written in to it yet. To solve this dilemma, nature has created the first 7 years of our life to download the various and distinct behaviors through observing our parents, siblings and our society at large (community).

Due to this natural form of “brain learning” (programming), a child can “upload” all the behavioral characteristics necessary to be a functional member of their family and a functional member of their community. However, since we are downloading the programs through observing other people; what happens if we download programs from our parents, family, siblings or community that are not very positive programs? Programs that are actually very negative which have an adverse effect on our mind, body and soul?

Something extremely interesting is that science has recently been able to prove that during the first 7 years of our life; our brain is actually designed to download programs just through observing others. This observing and programming is a type of hypnosis which is a characteristic or a brain frequency called “Theta” which is just below our consciousness.

The first 7 years of a child’s life (which is when consciousness starts to kick in) is the time when different programs are being installed to create the behavior in their relationships, family and community abroad. Approximately 70% of those programs that we download from others are negative and disempowering; and even self-sabotaging. At this point you might be asking yourself where exactly are these so-called negative programs?

The answer is in the subconscious mind. The conscious mind which kicks in at 7, is connected to your personal identity, spirituality and the difference between the subconscious is profound. As stated before, the conscious mind is a creative mind; while the subconscious mind is a programmed mind or rather a “habit-forming” mind.

It is really important to understand the difference between the two because if you’re operating from the conscious mind, then you’re creating your life from wishes and desires and aspirations. However, if your life is under the control of the subconscious mind; it’s just going to play back the programs that you downloaded from other people! Furthermore, since other people didn’t plan your wishes or desires; the download you get may not allow you to access the life that you really desire.

The question to ask yourself if you are operating your life with the conscious mind or if you are operating your life with the subconscious programs you bought into over the years? Science has revealed another interesting fact which states that only 5% of the day we are operating from the conscious mind’s creative wishes and desires. The other 95% of the day in our life is coming from the subconscious programs.

The reason why this is happening, is that our subconscious mind is controlling our biology (which is similar to that of a driver holding the steering wheel taking you the direction you want to go) which is otherwise known as our wishes and desires. However, when we are thinking; our conscious mind has to let go of the steering wheel and go deeper inside the brain. The reason being is that thought is an inside job; it’s not something that occurs from exterior functions.

What exactly happens while consciousness is thinking; especially if consciousness is not driving the vehicle? At the same time, what then happens to the vehicle? Our body, when conscious, is thinking; while the subconscious is actually on autopilot. The moment we start thinking; biology is taking over through the programs we acquired from the subconscious.

The major problem with this is that 95% of the day we are operating from these programs, and the vast majority of them are disempowering and self-sabotaging downloads. If we are not living a life that takes us towards our goals and desires; then we are living a life full of chaos and issues that has been manifested from the downloads we received from observing others.

Our subconscious downloaded programs are mostly negative and therefore we struggle all throughout life. If you are wondering why there has to be a struggle within our subconscious, it is because you are not operating from your wishes and desires any longer. Rather, you are operating from the habits you developed (observed) from other people. This becomes a very profound issue because the life that you are now living has already been determined in full by the past downloaded programs you acquired over the years.

Even though science (research) is fully aware of the differences between the conscious and subconscious mind; this is definitely not a new concept. 400 years ago, the Jesuit Priests have told their followers to give them a child until the age of 7 and they will show you who the man is. What they were actually saying is if you give me an opportunity to download programs within the first 7 years; then I can determine the rest of the child’s life!

The reason being is that 95% of a person’s life is coming from their downloaded programs. The current issue at hand with this knowledge is to know what can be done with these subconscious programs? To answer this question, we must first understand exactly what these programs are? Our programs were being downloaded from the last trimester of pregnancy all the way through the first 7 years of our life.

This basically means that you had very little to do with your downloading because quite frankly, you weren’t there when you were in the womb; or even when you were an infant! As proof, if you were asked what programs you downloaded when you were 1 or even 4 years old; you would have no idea how to answer that. This is because consciousness wasn’t even engaged at that point.

To gain the answer, the first thing you need to know is what controls your life? We already know that 95% comes from the programs we inherited. The problem is that this still does not explain what the programs are? Ironically, the answer is simple…95% of your life is coming from the program!

Your life is a printout of the programs downloaded in your subconscious mind! Look at your life; the things you love and desire and wish for, that come into your life…they come to you because the subconscious has programs to acknowledge that.

The more important concept to grasp here is to understand why you have struggles in life regardless of how hard you are working, or how much effort you are exerting or sweating over to make something happen. Why are you struggling so hard to make those wishes and desires come true? The answer is very simple, because the subconscious downloaded programs you have do not support those conscious goals or desires. As a result, your behavior is constantly sabotaging you.

The million dollar question now is this. When you are playing your subconscious programs; why are you playing them? The answer is because your conscious mind is busy inside thinking; and as a result, your conscious mind is not observing the behavior that’s being played out from the subconscious program.

Since most of your programs are self-sabotaging or disempowering; you don’t even see that you are engaged in the process because your subconscious is in control and your conscious mind is not observing it. This is important and necessary for you to understand because we can change those downloaded programs! When we change our programs in the subconscious; we rewrite the character and outcome of our lives.

The conscious mind is a creative mind, it can learn in any number of ways as it is very smart. Be it reading this page on our website, or going to a lecture; you can easily download new knowledge into the conscious mind. The issue that remains is the downloading of new knowledge into the conscious mind which does not change the program inside the subconscious. Your subconscious mind is opposite from your conscious and therefore learns in a completely different way.

The subconscious mind is the habit mind and by definition we don’t want to change habits very easily. For example; think about when you first learned how to walk. No matter what age you finally learned how to walk; almost all of us never had to relearn how to walk again, let alone can remember what you did in order to actually learn how to walk. This is all thanks to our subconscious mind because you have downloaded the habit (program) of walking early on with little to no thought. Your subconscious mind will strongly resist any change to that “walking program” until you get an even stronger negative belief which can overpower the current resistance to change.

By now you must be wondering how you can put new programs into your subconscious mind? Healthier programs to replace the ones that are currently sabotaging you. Believe it or not, the answer is simple. There is currently only one main way known when it comes to re-writing the subconscious mind.

This effective and powerful method is through hypnosis. Hypnotherapy is the process of accessing the downloaded programs you developed within the first 7 years of your life. This is the same approach Quit My Addiction uses in a non-coercive or threatening manner. You will be able to come out of your hypnotic state when working with us at any time. We will not be able to compel you to do anything against your will.

You will be able to hold a conversation with us, and in fact; your session will be very similar to that of a regular therapy session. The only difference is you are not speaking from your conscious mind. We are accessing the subconscious mind which holds all the secrets (false narratives or negative programming) that needs to be consciously realized so it can no longer hold any power over you!

Once you have realized your faulty programming; you must reinforce your newly found healthier programming through repetition. You see; your subconscious mind’s false narrative is not wanting to go out without a fight! You must be steadfast in the re-programming of your subconscious. This is accomplished through listening to a personalized recording (based on your individualized hypnotherapy session we will create for you) every night for the next 4 weeks.

When you go to bed; right before your conscious mind falls asleep, your subconscious mind is in now in full operation. If you put earphones on as you go to bed and listen to your personalized program; it is actually not going into your conscious mind, but rather it is going straight into your subconscious mind and can then reprogram it with the new and healthy update.

Hypnotherapy reinforced with a personalized recording is the most effective way to receive a new program download after the age of 7. Keep in mind it is best to only tackle one issue at a time. It is not good to try to download all new data overnight. Take your time and address the main faulty program that is causing you so much pain…such as your addiction!

If you think about it; repetition is the only way you are able to learn just about anything. You have to repeat it over and over again to eventually create a new habit. If you want to change a habit that is no longer supporting you; then you have to engage a habit that now does support you. For example, if you are not a happy person; you can say every day to yourself repetitively, “I am happy,” “I am happy.”

If you keep doing that, you eventually will just wake up one day finding yourself really happy. With the power of Quit My Addiction’s hypnotherapy; you can ask and find out why your subconscious mind believes you are not worthy of being happy; instead of just trying to consciously make yourself happier. You should be able to find out in just one short session with us what exactly is going on within 95% of your brain on a daily basis. This explanation should hopefully help you better understand the value of a practitioner intimately guiding you through the process instead of just listening to a generic recording? 

Using this new process will definitely rewrite your old programs and radically change the way your life is going in only matters of minutes. Granted, this will only work if you believe that it will work (you are honest and open and willing to do the work) and truly want a drastic change in your life for the better. Please do not hesitate any longer and pick up your phone and give us a call or click here to get started!

The Science Behind How Your Brain Works

The science of actually how the cells in your body work is a completely different story from what most doctors in the world today learn, primarily because they still focus on the genes itself. Contrary to popular medical belief, every cell in your body has a negative voltage on the inside as well as a positive voltage on the outside.

This would naturally mean that every living cell in your body is therefore a battery. Every cell has about 1.4 volts which is not too much on its own. However, there are a total of 50 trillion cells in your body. So when you multiply 1.4 volts to the 50 trillion cells; you actually get 70 trillion volts of electricity running through your body right now! With that much voltage; people can technically self-combust.

The coolest part of understanding this, is that with training and meditation; you can focus these 70 trillion volts of energy called CHI for healing as well as many other things still unknown to science. Every function in your body is already present in every cell. Wherever you have an organ in your body, the cell too has an organelle (which means miniature organ).

Occidental textbooks teach about the nucleus; which is equal to the brain. However, the nucleus is not the brain; in fact the nucleus is the gonad in an understandable comparison we can more easily comprehend. The nucleus does not control the cell; rather the nucleus provides the reproduction of the parts.

If you are deceased and you still have your protein body; what is missing then? The answer is the signal. When a signal binds to a protein what happens to the protein? The answer is that the protein moves and makes behavior. If you are healthy, your behavior is good; but if you have a “dis-ease” the behavior is not functioning properly.

There are only two things that can cause a disease. Either the protein is bad or the signal is bad. People with bad proteins got them from birth defects. If you were born with defective genes which make the protein; then the protein is by default defective.

Strangely, less than 5% of the world’s population has birth defects; which obviously means 95% of the population should be happy and healthy then. This then asked the question, if you were one of the healthy 95% and now you are sick; what could have caused the problem?

The answer to this is simple as there are only three ways to mess up the signal. The first way is through some kind of trauma. Take for instance a bad car accident which hurts your spine. This kind of trauma would definitely interfere with your signal process. The second way a signal can be interrupted is through the chemical toxins you might have come across. If the chemistry is not good inside your body; the signal cannot be passed through bad chemicals.

Trauma and toxins interfere with the functioning of your signals; and the third and final way is accomplished through thought or the mind. This is when nothing is wrong with your body, you are just sending the wrong signal at the wrong time. If you change your thought and your mind; you can literally change your biology as well. Unfortunately the mind is the primary cause of all illness on our planet today.

Perception is the switch that controls your biology. This is important because it’s essentially you, and how you see the world that controls your biology. We have been given misinformation when people say a gene turned on and a gene turned off. This makes it sound like the genes actually make the decisions for us.

The simple truth is that a gene is a blueprint and does not have any control. Your genes are never turned on or off. The gene is either read or not read; and what do think, controls the signal! You are not the victim of your genes; because you control your genes.

One gene blueprint; using epigenetic control, can make 30,000 different proteins from one blueprint. You can be born with good genes and then through epigenetic control; create cancer or diabetes, and it has nothing to do with the genes but everything to do with epigenetic control.

Epigenetic control is responsible for your health and you are not the victim of your genes. Yet every day the mainstream media as well as occidental medicine still tells you that genes play a major role in your overall health and outcome. This is why our society gets extremely nervous about what the genetics are within their family. Another way to better understand this is this…if you look for the disease; you can create the disease through epigenetics.

Approximately 95% of cancer is not because of mutant genes; but due to epigenetic control. Cancer can be passed from parent to child through genetics, but the important difference here to understand is that you can change your epigenetics at any time desired. Once you change your perception; you change the entire reading of your genes.

If someone tells you that you are going to have a disease and you believe that; then you can accidentally create that disease. It is important to remember that when you look at yourself; you are not looking at a single entity, but you looking at a huge community of 50 trillion cells. Every individual cell is intelligent; but when they are organized in to a community; they give up their personal intelligence and respond to the central voice.

In this community, the cell must follow what the central voice is; and if the central voice says to die, the cells will then shortly die. The central voice is the mind in case you have not guessed it already! Signals are coming from both the internal and external environment.

The function of your brain is to perceive the signals and then interpret those signals, and then send the information to the cells to control the behavior as well as the genetics. The function of your brain is perception; and from that creates the mind.

Switching gears for a moment here, let’s consider the placebo effect. The placebo effect is when you have a very positive thought that something can heal you even if it’s a just a sugar pill. If you believe the placebo is the real medicine, then you can heal yourself with that alone. So in all truthfulness the pill didn’t heal you, it was the thought that the pill was going to help you is what actually healed you.

Statistics reveal that 1/3 of all medical healings (including surgery), are the result of the placebo effect. Another occidental teaching that medicine does not share out loud very often is that there is a powerful antithesis of the placebo effect which involves negative thinking and it is rightfully called the “nocebo” effect.

In the same manner that positive thinking can heal you; negative thinking can kill you! The main takeaway here is that negative thinking can be the reason for all the current effects you have been experiencing with your illness. If a doctor tells you that you have a disease or the doctor tells you that you are going to die and you believe the doctor because he’s the professional; you are most assuredly going to develop a disease or even die. Therefore, belief is a very important part of medicine.

Every year people spend billions of dollars on the anti-depressant Prozac. Sadly, Prozac is no better than a sugar pill placebo drug; and yet those who take it believe in it so much that it actually makes them feel better. In summary, if you believe that something is good for you, it will be good; and if you believe that something is harmful for you, then it will produce very poor outcomes for your health.

This makes you wonder, if we are able to be healthy and vibrant through positive thinking; then why do we still get sick? The answer is stress. The function of your stress hormones is to take the energy of your body, and to get it all to function properly.

Your stress hormones will shut off the functions of things that are not needed while you are in fight or flight mode. One of the most important uses of energy in your body is the immune system. Stress hormones shut off the immune system and the significance with that is…every one of you (right now) is infected with almost all of the disease germs that humans can have or be infected with.

If you were to take a blood sample, you would see that you have all types of various viruses, bacteria and parasites. Does this makes you wonder why you are not sick, even though you are infected with various germs? The answer is that your immune system is working properly and will suppress these bacteria and germs.

However, the moment you start to shut off the immune system, then these organisms begin to start multiplying again. The idea that you catch a disease is not really true as you already have the disease existing inside of you. The medical experts will call these germs and parasites; opportunistic organisms.

Basically if you are under a lot of stress and you shut off the immune system; you are giving these organisms the perfect opportunity to then make the disease manifest on a much larger scale. So when we get one of these diseases, we go to the medical doctor and they give us drugs to kill the germs and the bacteria.

This approach is very helpful if the disease is moving very quickly. But keep in mind that was never the problem in the first place. The problem was your stress levels which shut off the immune system. In order to get to the true healing you must address the stress which is almost always overlooked in today’s occidental medicine practice.

This is why Quit My Addiction focuses on helping you eliminate your stress (anxiety, depression, trauma and PTSD) alongside your addiction. We know you are in a world of hurt and suffering. The solution is not to just stop using drugs or whatever your addiction may be. The solution is to understand why your brain is thinking the way it is; and to then reprogram your subconscious mind with a much healthier narrative! Get in contact with us today to find lasting recovery!