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Although Quit My Addiction specializes in the treatment of many various addictions; we are extremely confident in our abilities to address other physical or mental (compulsive and/or impulsive) issues you may be currently experiencing.

Below is a list of the more popular addictions our clients request help with. We understand that depression, anxiety, PTSD, trauma and other factors of your life are magnified by your addiction. That is why we address the four most important areas in your life to give you the best quality of living!

Alcohol Addiction

Alcoholism can be very debilitating and even life threatening when not dealt with appropriately. Sometimes people who suffer severe enough from an alcohol addiction believe that they can be a functioning alcoholic which is just another way of saying I am not ready to quit!

Anger/Control Addiction

Anger and control issues are very harmful due to hurting everyone involved and by holding them all hostage to your rage. People who suffer from an anger addiction believe it is easier to stay in control; as anger is known to release dopamine and there is no reward for being vulnerable!


Anorexia Nervosa is an extremely dangerous and life threatening addiction when not treated properly. People with a severe eating disorder can develop a horrible self-esteem and start to literally fade away as they isolate from society and hang on to impossible body image desires.


Bulimia Nervosa is an extremely dangerous and life threatening addiction when not treated properly. People with a severe eating disorder can develop a horrible self-esteem and start to literally fade away as they isolate from society and hang on to impossible body image desires.

Caffeine Addiction

Caffeine addiction can easily take over and get in the way of your life. For example; demanding your energy drink or cup of coffee to even be able to function. Not to mention the caffeine related headaches/migraines which is now creating a dependence to alleviate symptoms.

Drug Addiction

Drug addiction is very debilitating and even life threatening when not dealt with appropriately. People who suffer a severe drug dependence are putting their life at risk, but believe they can still function; which is just another way of saying I am not ready to quit (until it is too late)!

Gambling Addiction

Having an addiction to gambling is a very slippery slope! The main reason is that most gamblers develop a cross addiction to other substances like alcohol, drugs, tobacco or sex. Not to mention the risk factor of losing every physical thing you hold dear; including your family!

Internet Addiction

Internet addiction can easily consume any free time that you may have, or if severe enough; your entire life! If you are not careful, you just might find yourself isolating and avoiding the “real world” as you find more peace and comfort in being alone developing unhealthy patterns.


This compulsive and impulsive disorder can get you into some very serious trouble with the law if left untreated. The main reason is if you have an addiction to shoplifting (kleptomania); then the rush of not getting caught is the primary focus which eventually catches up to you!

Pornography Addiction

Pornography addiction is extremely difficult to just stop cold turkey; because there is a huge pay-off when it comes to dopamine release. Especially when it eventually progresses from a 2D into a 3D experience due to magazines and videos no longer holding the same power!


Pyromania is not as common as some other more well-known addictions. However, for those that are suffering from it, are in real danger to themselves and others. There is no limit or boundary for the person suffering from pyromania; and if left untreated potential lives are at risk!

Sex Addiction

It is not easy to quit your sex addiction on your own. A sex addict left untreated will face some very real consequences and issues in their life. For example; sexually transmitted diseases, unwanted babies, unstable and superficial relationships, divorce and ongoing infidelity, etc.

Shopping Addiction

Having a shopping addiction (sometimes referred as “retail therapy”), feels really good in the moment. However, the consequences get real after enough arrests and you have a huge pile of letters from various debt collectors as your therapy from the shopping was only temporary!

Social Media Addiction

Since the endless scroll was invented; many people are developing a social media addiction. Beyond the constant need for random updates; a severe form of social media addiction can result in finding your inner value from chasing after excessive “likes and comments” online!

Tobacco Addiction

With today’s harmful chemicals and illicit drugs mixed into the different vape juices; a tobacco addiction is very dangerous. Furthermore, no one can argue that smoking cigarettes is any healthier; you are still severely hurting your lungs and oral health as well as your wallet!

Video Game Addiction

As technology persists; many people are suffering from a video gaming addiction and it is only getting worse. Some of the natural consequences from being a video game addict include; urinary tract infections, isolation, poor family and social relationships and loss of finances or job.

Weight/Food Addiction

Overeating or being addicted to food is a serious and even life threatening condition. There are many different reasons people with a food addiction indulge in excessive amounts of sugar, chocolate, fast food or treats. The reason behind overeating is to cope with unresolved trauma!

Work/Money Addiction

Being addicted to work or having an addiction to money is one of the most hidden and unhealthy addictions out there. The reason being, is that you will use workaholism as a cross addiction and justification to avoid your family and friends; and work is usually very stressful!

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Once you break free from your chains of addiction; it is really hard to not find joy in all that you do.


You will start to take better care of your body and feel more energy once you understand your worth.


No matter how crazy or traumatic your past experiences were; that is now all in the past behind you.


Easily achieve peace and harmony (balance) with less things frustrating you on a regular basis.



Ben Jones is absolutely amazing at what he does for his clients. They are not just clients to him, they are his brothers and sisters and he loves them unconditionally without judgement or shame. He will love you until you completely believe that you are worthy of love and forgiveness yourself. I can not put into words how grateful I am to have met Ben when I did. I love the woman of worth I am today, and I know that I am worthy of love because my brother Ben taught me that. Thank you Ben for loving me!

Gina D.
I never thought I would ever go to a hypnotherapist, but having done the session I now know that is what I’ve needed all along. Having been in and out of jails and institutions for the past 10 years I have never learned as much as I have at Quit My Addiction. The beauty of Benjamin Jones’ methods is he takes the time to get to know his clients to the point he knows what will and won’t work for each one! He is truly dedicated to his clients and wants the best life possible for us. I would recommend Quit My Addiction to any addict that truly wants a better life. Quit My Addiction gives you all the support and tools that are needed to be happy.
Kolby B.

Benjamin Jones has proven himself to be a very caring and understanding individual. His knowledge of addiction stems from, not only a substantial education but also, seeing first hand what addiction can to do people and their families. His overall approach to helping people is something to admire. Through Quit My Addiction you can do more than just recover from drugs; you can recover from the things that caused an addiction in the first place. By addressing the physical, mental, spiritual, social and emotional aspects of your life you can truly change into the person you want to be. I highly recommend Quit My Addiction to anyone that is struggling with drug/alcohol addiction and truly wants to make a change in their life~ for the better.

Cori B.
I have known Benjamin Jones, the clinical program director, for over 15 years now, and I can’t think of a more caring and dedicated individual. His life experiences and clinical/academic training have placed him at the forefront of addiction recovery. There is no other place that I would send my loved ones than to Quit My Addiction.
Rob B.