Quit My Addiction was solely developed to help the individual who is suffering from either a life-threatening or debilitating addiction. We focus on helping you get your life back in four major areas of your life! We want nothing more than for you to be: HAPPY, HEALTHY, SAFE and WHOLE!

After receiving your session with us, don’t take this the wrong way; but we really do not want to ever see you again. Rather, we want to see you achieve lasting and true results so you can move on from your current situation and accomplish all that you dream and wish for; and most importantly deserve in this life. After working with us, you will find yourself full of love and forgiveness to both yourself and others. You will easily create intimate and meaningful relationships while cutting out all toxic ties with those that no longer serve your best interest.

Simply put…we believe the current treatment industry is doing it all wrong! You can not address the underlying symptoms and causes through conscious means. You should not have to pay tens of thousands of dollars ($10,000+); all the while giving up 3o or even 90 days of your life in hopes of a full recovery at a residential treatment center. The craziest part of all of this, is that you have some severe subconscious programming that is only being addressed consciously through psycho-education, individual therapy and process groups. To add insult to injury the subconscious brain controls 95% of your actions and thoughts! So why would you go to an addiction program that is addressing your consciousness which only accounts for 5%?

For example, think about the time in rehab when part of your many assignments was to write an autobiography. No matter how honest you were in writing it…all it will ever be is a conscious recollection of scattered memories according to how you best remember different scenarios playing out. It will always be one sided; as far as coming only from your perspective. You will never be able to recall how your subconscious remembered the incident and what it did in order to preserve and protect you. The biggest issue we have with addiction treatment centers utilizing conscious based therapies such as an autobiography assignment; is that you are not truly able to access how your inner child actually processed all of your past experiences which still haunt and trigger you today.

The truth of the matter is that you have no clue as to the exact false narratives (faulty programming) you generated as a child to survive or make sense of the trauma you dealt with in order to cope with the issues you faced. There is a saying that all defense mechanisms are subconscious; which if you think about it…makes perfect sense. If our maladaptive (unhealthy) coping patterns we use to deal with our deepest wounds and trauma were consciously known; would we still be choosing to act out in the manner we do which in fact is giving our addiction(s) full control over us?

In other words, if we had a perfect conscious understanding of why we do, what we do…then why would anybody consciously choose to do anything negative at all? Especially if those behaviors and thoughts are putting your life or relationships in harm’s way? So by reverse engineering our brain with this type of school of thought; we can logically deduce that all defense mechanisms are indeed subconscious.

What your conscious adult brain thinks it knows and understands, is nothing compared to what your subconscious mind did and/or does in order to survive. A good example to this would be our (Benjamin Jones, aka Benji) founder’s own personal experience when he underwent an RTT hypnosis session to address his deviated septum. The phenomenal results from this experience is the reason why Quit My Addiction was created!

Benji being a Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW) for many years now and having seen some amazing results throughout those years as a clinical director; thought that he knew or saw everything there was in regards to effective treatment modalities. Needless to say there was a large amount of ego at play prior to undergoing his RTT hypnotherapy session. In fact, that is exactly why he chose to address his deviated septum instead of a mental health issue.

This was the best decision Benji could have ever made when it came to seeing the power of Rapid Transformational Therapy. When he was told by his RTT therapist of the different ailments that could easily be healed, he thought this was a hoax. So by picking something that requires an actual chunk of cartilage to shift in order to allow for an open airway to occur would be more than enough proof.

About 45 minutes into the procedure once Benji was in the state of hypnosis; he felt a surge of energy and simultaneously arched his chest and took a giant breath out of his right nostril which has been very hard to do for the past 36 years prior! Instead of boring you with all of the intimate details; the basic gist of what was realized is that Benji had bought in to a negative false programming conjured up by his subconscious which stated, “If I breath out of my mouth, I have control”.

You see Benji grew up with very controlling parents, and at the age of 6 years old, his subconscious mind realized that his mouth breathing is something that his mom and dad could not control. Before his RTT session, he was asked what he thought was the cause of his deviated septum, which he thought was due to a high school diving accident. However, once in his session he could vividly recall his mother yelling at him to breath through his nose at a much younger age. In that exact moment; Benji realized in the lie he told himself about breathing which was, “I will lose control if I breath out of my nose.”

Once a silly false narrative like that is now consciously made aware of; how could you ever choose to still believe in that as a full grown adult? At the same time, how could a full grown adult train it’s conscious mind to think like a little child subconsciously? Let alone, how could a conscious adult mind realize a narrative such as Benji’s through writing their autobiography?

We are proud to report that ever since the initial hypnotherapy session, Benji has been a proud member of the nose breather club with zero complications or relapses. Furthermore, this one time RTT session only took 2 hours and costed him literal pennies compared to what traditional medicine would have charged him ($20,000+ with no insurance). Not to mention he would have had to undergo rhinoplasty per the ear, nose and throat (ENT – otolaryngology) specialist recommendation.

Hopefully this true story helps you better understand what RTT is all about and how it can absolutely help you with your personal suffering? Please give us a call today to get started on your healing journey!


Addiction is not your problem!


The 4 Values

Quit My Addiction places an extremely high value in helping you accomplish true and lasting freedom and joy in 4 main areas of your life…


Lasting Joy!

Once you break free from your chains of addiction; it is really hard to not find joy in all that you do.


Feel Good!

You will start to take better care of your body and feel more energy once you understand your true worth.


Live Life!

No matter how crazy or traumatic your past experiences were; that is now all in the past behind you.



Easily achieve peace and harmony with less things frustrating you on a regular daily basis.

Our Founder’s Story


The Beginning

Benjamin Jones (Benji) has specialized in the field of mental health and addiction for 3 decades now. Upon realizing his full potential and worth, Benji decided to help other addicts with their much needed healing needs. Once Benji had a dream and goal in mind, all he could think about or work toward is accomplishing it. Besides becoming a master at addiction healing; Benji graduated from the University of Utah with a masters degree in Social Work with an emphasis in Substance Abuse Treatment, with high honors. He since went on to become a Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW).

Aside from previously owning 3 different drug rehab facilities (which he now has nothing to do with due to personal beliefs); Benji has his own crazy and colorful past when it comes to addiction. He spent most of his adolescent childhood (from the age of 12-21) abusing drugs and alcohol. From hitchhiking to hopping freight trains across the West Coast…you name it; Benji has probably done it himself three times over!

He has been on both sides of the fence concerning recovery and is therefore extremely understanding and empathetic to the private and often traumatic backgrounds a client may have endured. Benji had to brave his own sacred journey back into a life-long recovery and is now helping others do the same. You are truly not alone or misunderstood when it comes to feeling beat down and hopeless! Even if suicide seems to be the best option at this time in your life.

The Middle



Benji believes none of the current industry standards of treating addiction are effective as they all address the conscious mind. The ONLY way to heal is to work with your subconscious mind which holds the keys and answers to all of your false narratives and lies you have been telling yourself over the years!

It takes a special kind of provider with the innate ability to know precisely what the specific and individual client treatment needs are and then being able to furnish those needs in a loving and non-confrontational manner.

Benji has tirelessly labored to help other addicts as well as drug rehab centers to understand the single importance of this. Another impactful and rare quality required to help someone suffering from an addiction; is the ability to just listen and not always judge or talk so much. Benjamin Jones is just such a therapist.

The End

While working on achieving his ultimate vision, Benji obtained many skills and ideas along the way. For the last 22 years since being sober; he has either been training/supervising staff, developing curriculum, studying, directly working with or even establishing and starting up other drug and alcohol treatment centers. Throughout these years, he has held many positions and prestigious titles within the field of substance abuse and mental health and has worked with multiple populations in both the public and private sector such as: at-risk youth, 12-Step, severely and persistently mentally ill (Schizophrenia, etc.), Borderline Personality Disorder, Asperger’s Syndrome (high functioning Autism), Bipolar Type I & II Disorder, and criminal justice involved clientele.

Benji has personally witnessed and therefore knows exactly what is working in the drug and alcohol rehab industry. From all of this, he has mastered the craft and fine tuned 25 years of first-hand experience into developing Quit My Addiction! Benji is happily married with three beautiful children; his aspirations have finally come true and he is now ready and waiting to help you or your loved one accomplish their dreams and goals. Benji is living proof that everyone is worthy, lovable and capable of turning their life around and accomplishing anything their heart desires; so long as they are honest, open-minded and willing to do whatever it takes.

What People Are Saying…


Ben Jones is absolutely amazing at what he does for his clients. They are not just clients to him, they are his brothers and sisters and he loves them unconditionally without judgement or shame. He will love you until you completely believe that you are worthy of love and forgiveness yourself. I can not put into words how grateful I am to have met Ben when I did. I love the woman of worth I am today, and I know that I am worthy of love because my brother Ben taught me that. Thank you Ben for loving me!

Gina D.
I never thought I would ever go to a hypnotherapist, but having done the session I now know that is what I’ve needed all along. Having been in and out of jails and institutions for the past 10 years I have never learned as much as I have at Quit My Addiction. The beauty of Benjamin Jones’ methods is he takes the time to get to know his clients to the point he knows what will and won’t work for each one! He is truly dedicated to his clients and wants the best life possible for us. I would recommend Quit My Addiction to any addict that truly wants a better life. Quit My Addiction gives you all the support and tools that are needed to be happy.
Kolby B.

Benjamin Jones has proven himself to be a very caring and understanding individual. His knowledge of addiction stems from, not only a substantial education but also, seeing first hand what addiction can to do people and their families. His overall approach to helping people is something to admire. Through Quit My Addiction you can do more than just recover from drugs; you can recover from the things that caused an addiction in the first place. By addressing the physical, mental, spiritual, social and emotional aspects of your life you can truly change into the person you want to be. I highly recommend Quit My Addiction to anyone that is struggling with drug/alcohol addiction and truly wants to make a change in their life~ for the better.

Cori B.
I have known Benjamin Jones, the clinical program director, for over 15 years now, and I can’t think of a more caring and dedicated individual. His life experiences and clinical/academic training have placed him at the forefront of addiction recovery. There is no other place that I would send my loved ones than to Quit My Addiction.
Rob B.